Great Britain

During the late 1800's through the early 1900's Great Britain was going through a time of great change and growth. This was a result of the Industrial Revolution, a time in which everything from farming to the production of clothing and other materials, modernized. A major result of this revolution was that items that once had to be hand made and took a long time to make were now being made by machines and in factories, not only effecting the cost but also the amount of the goods and materials. However, the growth of this revolution resulted in the need for many raw materials and natural resources. For this reason countries like Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy searched and fought for an influence in other lands that were rich in raw materials, reasources, and people that would work for little or no pay.

external image krup_industrial_revolution.jpg
This image shows factories that were built as a result of the Industrial Revolution in places like Britain.